Popular WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Your Website

Posted On November 20, 2018 by Anca Iusan

Popular WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce powered online stores are very popular and they are flexible as far as performance goes. There is a multitude of plugins and extensions you can use to improve the overall user experience, to streamline your back-end tasks and to offer more functionalities on your website.

Today we will be reviewing popular WooCommerce plugins and see how they can jazz up your webstore.

Let’s first discuss free extensions. We all like free things, especially when they bring us extra benefits! So let’s see what we have in this category.

WooCommerce Free Extensions

Popular WooCommerce Plugins

  • Multilingual

    – allows you to have multilingual eCommerce sites.

  • Product Slider

    – the basic version of this plugin is free, it includes a product carousel with various filters such as featured products, discounted products and so on.

  • Digital Signature

    – automatically collects signatures on various forms.

  • Facebook for WooCommerce

    – use this plugin to market your brand on social media, connect your product to create automatic carousels ads that attract more users to your website.

  • AfterShip Tracking

    – allows you to add tracking number and shipping carrier fields to your admin panel. After an order is fulfilled, enter a tracking number and choose a carrier and the customers will see that in the history of the order.

  • Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

    – allows the possibility to choose a delivery date on the checkout page.

  • WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes

    – you can provide coupon information and show content based on the validity of coupons.

  • Instant Search +

    – drastically improves the search functionality on your website.

  • Bulk Discount

    – you can set bulk discounts to products added to the shopping cart, based on quantity and product specs.

  • Customizer

    – you don’t need to write code or change templates to add customizations to your pages, this customizer has a settings page that you can test on and see what your changes look like.

  • PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

    – this extension automatically adds a PDF invoice to the order confirmation emails you send to your clients. You can edit the default email templates and you can either download or print the invoices or the packing slips from the orders admin section.

WooCommerce Plugins that Streamline Back-end Workflows

Popular WooCommerce Plugins

  • Follow-ups

    – they help with customer engagement and it helps you centralize all the client communication while saving you time and money. It integrates well with Event Tickets, Subscriptions, Points and Rewards, and Bookings.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    – facilitates the customer discounts process and helps you with an easier setup in the back-end.

  • Smart Coupons

    – use store credit, gift certificate system and add customized messages to coupons and presents. It allows the generation of unique coupon codes and these can be sent over to the customers via email.

  • Advanced Notification

    – this extension enhances the native WooCommerce options for orders and stock notifications. Send custom emails to your providers, your staff or your customers.

WooCommerce Plugins that Help Increase Sales on the Checkout Page

Popular WooCommerce Plugins

  • WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons

    – allows shoppers to add items to their cart during the checkout process, including gift wraps.

  • Cart Notices

    – this extension displays purchasing options to the customers and it can let them know of available promotions, for example, free shipping of related products.

  • Cart Add-ons

    – this allows merchants to select product categories and tags for promoted items.

  • Force Sells

    – if you are selling items that require additional products to work, you can use force sells to let the customer know and have them purchase the items together.

Your online store can be constantly improved and you can improve and automate a lot of your back-end tasks when using extensions and plugins. Test demo versions, install plugins to see how they can help you and make sure you improve the overall customer experience.

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