Safety Shoe Distributors Ohio 2

Safety Shoe Distributors Ohio

Safety Shoe Vendor Contacts Ecomitize for Magento 2 eCommerce Website  

Safety Shoe Distributors has been in the safety shoe industry for more than 30 years servicing clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Their merchandise is sold in five walk-in shoe stores, as well as on a Shoemobile, a store on wheels that comes to your door. Safety Shoe Distributors sell shoes from major brands and decided to take their operations in the online environment, providing the opportunity to their customers to order over the internet on a secure website.

This is where Ecomitize came in. After analyzing the business needs of Safety Shoe Distributors, we came up with a well-structured plan to build a website that would be a great sales tool for the company.

The project included the following features and functionalities:

The eCommerce Management & Solutions team has been working with Safety Shoe Distributors on email marketing, website management, configurations, email marketing, usability and eCommerce consulting.

After the website launched, the Digital Marketing experts stepped in to help the Safety Shoe Distributor team ramp up their sales and get better conversion rates.