Popular Video Editing Tools For eCommerce

Posted On February 26, 2019 by Anca Iusan

Videos are extremely popular and effective on a retail website, but still not used as frequently as an eCommerce marketing strategy to attract more customers. People usually focus on high-quality images, which is great, but videos take your business to the next level. If you want to have a competitive edge, consider incorporating videos in your marketing mix. Let’s see the most popular video editing tools for eCommerce!

Why are videos important? Roughly 33% of people choose video-watching to learn about products. Almost 40% of shoppers make mobile purchases if the website presents the product information in a video format. Most people are busy, so they choose the easiest way to learn about your business and videos to allow them to digest the information faster. Videos are also engaging and eye-catching.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using them on your website:

⦿ Google favors websites with a video, ideally hosted with YouTube

⦿ Videos are more clickable and shareable

⦿ eCommerce video-ads make consumers buy

⦿ Videos help boost the customer’s confidence because they can see the product in action

⦿ They attract more traffic to the site and achieve better search engine ranking

⦿ User-generated videos are a great way to convince other customers to purchase your products

⦿ Low cart abandonment

⦿ Higher customer satisfaction

⦿ Better product display

⦿ Visual appeal

⦿ More sales

⦿ Improves the time spent on the website

⦿ Lower support costs

As a general rule, you have to create video content that appeals to the customers’ emotions. It’s essential for you to understand what motivates your shoppers so you can enable an emotional connection with them. Try adding some entertainment value to your videos, besides your marketing messages. Videos should be short and explicit, the shoppers’ attention span is quite short. Include text and interactive elements to improve customer engagement. Another important thing to consider is the placement of the video. Consider replacing the product image with a video or use the video in any other section that is easy to access.

Video editing tools for eCommerce

Online video editors are highly popular, easy to work with and not expensive, some of them are even free. Here is a list of editors to consider:

  1. FlexClip – handy video editor, easy to use, it includes dynamic text animations, real-time preview, and HD quality videos. Amongst its key features we can mention video trimming, voiceover recording, video merger, video watermark, aspect ratio, photo to video, rotate video, adding text and music.

  2. Adobe Spark – create videos in a few minutes, share them and use them on your website. This tool includes professionally designed fonts, iconic imagery, and free soundtracks.

  3. Kizoa – you can use this online editor to create videos using photos, add text and music, special effects and transitions. It includes video and movie templates, slideshow maker, video maker and editor, still and animated collages, templates, grids, scrapbooks, and a photo editor.

  4. Kapwing – video montage maker where you can add videos, GIFs, images and edit the size, the shape of your video.

  5. Animoto – you don’t need any experience to work with this editor, it’s user-friendly and easy to work with. They have over 1 million stock photos and videos in the library (for professional and business plans), versatile video templates and a drag-and-drop interface. You can quickly adjust the colors, fonts, music, and effects to customize your video.

  6. Magisto – complete video marketing platform powered by A.I which allows you to create videos in a few minutes. You simply upload your business videos and photos, choose a video editing style and the soundtrack from the library and the A.I. professional video maker will analyze and edit your video.

  7. Filmmaker Pro – this is the first video editing app with 4K video support on iPhone and iPad. It includes 15 professional transition options, trim, split and duplicate video function, use slow motion or fast motion effects, volume control, 30 filters, video grading, and playback effects.

Your website needs to have videos to increase the chances of conversion and to be able to track your customers’ behavior. The market offers plenty of tools to make video creation affordable for any business, but research is essential to decide on the best approach.

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